Service Management Specialist

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This role is well suited to the experienced IT professional who would relish to chance to operate both as part of a team of fellow professionals, but also with the drive and initiative to work with autonomy.
Key Responsibilities:
Responsible for the deployment of the processes. Evaluates performance metrics against the defined   critical success factors and institutes actions to correct shortcomings or further streamline the process as necessary
Responsible for the execution of the process controls, ensuring that internal support groups, vendors, suppliers, customers comply with process and data standards.
Coordinate and collaborate process delivery involving internal support groups, vendors, suppliers, customers and manage any roadblocks
Interfaces with other processes and/or business functions to ensure they are able to leverage the benefits provided by the ITIL processes
Manages and leverages existing toolset functionality to support the effective and efficient delivery of the Processes
Ensure that KPIs are reported, and their targets met
Coordination with suppliers, contractors, 3rd parties, etc.
Identifies opportunities and submits proposals for improvement with respect to tools, staff, training, process, procedures and work instructions
Please note that this job description is subject to ongoing review as new demands and best working practises are considered, agreed and implemented

  • Permanent
  • Belfast
  • Closing date: Wednesday 31 Aug 2022
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