Auditor at the Northern Ireland Audit Office and good relations officer: GetGot reveal this week’s top jobs

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SPONSORED BY GETGOT    | April 13, 2021

Auditor in NIAO

The successful candidate will report to an audit manager who will assign a portfolio of work that will cover financial audits and public reporting. 

The role will include organising your work, preparing and delivering audit plans, audit fieldwork, research and analysis, drafting reports and building and maintaining relationships.

Duties include delivering audits that meet the NIAO quality standard, preparing audit plans and methods if lead auditor, summarise evidence and analysis, formulate conclusions and constructive recommendations and much more.



Good Relations Officer (Fixed Term for 3 years) in Choice Housing Ireland Limited

The good relations officer will assist in delivering the Shared Housing Programme by developing the necessary components to improve community cohesion within shared housing schemes and between shared housing schemes and surrounding communities.

The delivery of the Shared Housing Programme will entail working with programme partners to engage, enable and empower local community groups to identify, liaise and coordinate the development and delivery of concerted good relations plans.

The good relations officer must measure and evaluate progress in delivering the good relations plans and is responsible for regular reporting of GRP delivery to DfC.